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Field Project

This new interactive conservation project will help field biologists keep track of endangered species, using FIT, a footprint identification technique.

Using footprints alone, we can develop algorithms to identify free-ranging animals by species, individual, sex, and age-class. This information allows conservationists to manage their populations, protect them from poachers, and reduce human-wildlife conflict.

  • If you work at a zoo, captive-breeding facility, rescue center or sanctuary, you can help us collect footprints from the animals in your care.
  • If you see footprints as part of your work or recreation or you’re a professional tracker, you can help us collect trails of footprints.
  • If you fly drones over areas where you see footprints, you can also contribute to conservation!
  • If you work in field conservation, we’ll help you put FIT into practice for monitoring.

In return for your help, ConservationFIT can provide you and your organization with many benefits. Zoos can forge links to field projects, share their media outreach, and use that in education and visitor outreach material.  Field projects can make links with zoos that might be able to help provide funding, or host workshops.  Exchange visits from zoos to field can be made.  The possibilities for positive interaction are endless.

How to get started with ConservationFIT?

Register on our site to help map the world’s species using footprints in FIT.

Connect through our social media with individual zoos, sanctuaries or field projects to conserve endangered species.

Volunteer your special skills in computer vision, mapping, imaging, drones imaging and media outreach!

Collect footprints that we can map and show your observations.

Share your animal images and stories with others working in wildlife conservation.

Engage in our international FIT training workshops.

Ask questions and get answers from a community of expert conservationists many in the field.

Integrate FIT into your existing monitoring technology for a stronger, broader approach.


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